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What's stopping you from being more successful? These guys.

These are the Creatures of Habit™ that occupy your mind and stifle your creative thinking. If you are looking to make any change and progress, it's really time to defeat them.

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Why Habits?

Habits are the greatest controlling force over our behaviour and actions. If limiting creative thinking habits are not conquered, new practices will be ineffective. The good news is these Creatures of Habit™ can be overcome.


First people need to realise the trigger to change.


They will then have the motivation to achieve the desired outcome.


The reward of creative achievement creates a positive feedback loop.

The secrets of the Worlds greatest innovator

Master creative design thinking by harnessing the principles of inventive problem solving from the world’s greatest ever innovator.

Can you guess who?

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Attract your audience in new and creative ways.

Make a real impact with fresh and compelling communications and design.

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