Animal Workshops

Revolutionary (and evolutionary!) creative thinking and teambuilding workshops that use animals to uncage new ideas and creative attitudes.

Animals are the ultimate ice-breaker. They provide a powerful stimulus that engages on an emotional level, instantly allowing people to relax into themselves, ready to unleash their creative abilities. The main activity in this session is a hands on animal workshop. This is where we get up close and personal with a selection of exciting animals to experience one of the main aspects of creative thinking: being able to make new connections, perhaps better known as 'thinking outside the box'. We'll learn how to use the animals' features and metaphorical associations as a springboard to generate new thoughts and ideas that would have been unlikely to occur otherwise. We also explore what stifles creativity and develop new, progressive attitudes in our 'creatures of habit' session.

Any organisation can benefit from this unique approach:

  1. Bullet     An unforgettable training event that will empower participants to enhance the value of their contribution.

  2. About     An inspirational catalyst for solving challenges or imagining new possibilities.

  3. Tips Blog     A vibrant way of applying fresh thinking in your management team or Board.

  4. Creativity Tips Blog     The perfect teambuilding event that will leave lasting memories and creative abilities.

Creative Encounters animal workshops are a collaboration between Creative Encounters and the animal events company Zoofari. Click the logo beneath to find out more about Zoofari.


Our animals are based near London but we are able to transport them reasonable distances in the UK in order to let the zoo come to you. Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 20 people and typically runs for 1/2 a day. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from high flying business people to disadvantaged school children, and believe anyone can learn to think more creatively and put skills to use in their everyday work and life.

If animals are not for you for whatever reason, Creative Encounters runs all manner of creativity workshops and training events so please get in touch to find out more.

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Animal Workshops
Animal Workshops
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You can also contact Simon Jack directly:

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