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Here’s a run-down of the modules:

1- Kick the Habit. Break routine and invigorate your creativity.

2- Kill Your Internal Censor. Free your creative voice.

3- You’ve Been Reframed. Seek new meaning in your challenges.

4- Method in the Madness. Extract concepts to make any idea work.

5- I Did it My Way. Design thinking for better solutions.

6- Preconception is Mental Contraception. Destroy rigid thinking structures.

7- One Plus One Gives One. Combine ideas for new creations.

8- Use the Force. Go abstract for creative inspiration.

9- Fun and Mental is Fundamental. Harness provocative arrangements.

10- A Win-Whinge Situation. Evaluate ideas in a productive way.

There are also assignments to put your skills to the test and 30 trigger cards to collect for when you need a rapid creative refresher.

*Yes Skool is spelled incorrectly, but being creative often involves breaking the rules. You’ll soon become very adept at doing this yourself and finding shortcuts to innovation.

The course is done in a personal and informal style, with fun and insightful exercises throughout. Learning should be structured but never boring! Here’s what people are saying:

“I found this course stimulating, inspiring, multi-learning with reading, video and cards with good practical exercise to solidify learning. My mind is open more and I am a more interesting person for being able to think this way. Will help me in many aspects of life other than work. And work will be more fun as a result of thinking in this way.”

“This is an awesome course in creative thinking. I'm friends with a lot of CG artists who've worked on movies like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America and told them some of the concepts. I'm gonna recommend this course to my dance students! It would help them a lot in being able to freestyle and come up with new moves and choreography.”

“I would like to start by thanking Simon Jack for this amazing course. It has the fundamentals and encourages others to change their way of thinking toward more of positive attitude. As System Analyst of software design, the challenging part for us is to be on everyone else’s shoes. It takes a lot of time and preparation to get to that stage of multi-viewing approach. I’m still bad at it and would like to understand it more :). Second approach I usually over-looked is looking what’s behind the ideas, which based on your story it ended up serving people at the office.”

“Great course to watch and learn for all kind of professions.”

“An easy to follow course of inspiring oneself to shift old thinking habits into something more exciting.”

“I've never been one to think inside the box. I have always been the maverick in thought and this course struck a note in my innermost being that each of us are to be "design thinkers" if we will ever live up to our potential as individuals.”


Companies: If you have a LMS, the course is available in a SCORM compliant format for easy  integration. Bulk discounts are available based on the number of licenses purchased:

2-10: 10% off

10-50: 20% off

50-100: 35% off

100+: 50% off and higher! Please ask for details.

Everyone has the ability the apply the attitudes and techniques required for creative thinking, it just takes a little directed focus and practice. The Skool* of Creativity is an online course designed to give anyone the ability to see things in new ways and make a creative impact in their work and life.

Simon Jack
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