A large part of being creative is the ability to look at things in different contexts. A fun way to practice this is to find an everyday object and ask yourself what else could it be.

Pick out the functions, features and associations and use these to transplant the meaning. Be imaginative as possible.

Example: See if you can list 10 alternative possibilities for a hair brush. Have a go first then read mine below. Remember, noone’s judging.

  1. a microphone (we’ve all done it!)
  2. a mating aid for hedgehogs
  3. a preconfigured acupuncture tool
  4. a shoe attachment for icy conditions
  5. a dual sensation massage paddle
  6. an adventure playground for headlice
  7. a Mohican hair piece
  8. foundations for building in flood zones
  9. a game of miniature hoop la
  10. a new flagpole installation for the UN
Join me!

Simon Jack

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Creative communicator and consultant who likes to do things differently and empower others to come up with winning ideas and create a major stir.
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