We’re usually so quick to jump in with reasons why ideas won’t work. But next time, resist this urge and task yourself with first exhausting all the positives you can think of. You may even generate some new, better solutions.

Example: What are all the positives of a house with no roof?

We’d usually immediately jump to the negatives- we’d get cold and wet etc. etc. Some may even not bother to find any criticisms other than simply state that’s not how houses are meant to be. But your task is to find at least 5 positives. Give it a go before you read mine.

  • The house will let heat out in summer so no need for cooling. Maybe the house could have a moveable roof to adjust to conditions?
  • Indoor plants would be watered when it rains. You may even have an indoor garden. Could urban houses be built with a patch for growing your own food?
  • You’d need to concentrate on conserving heat efficiently in small spaces. You’d save money on bills and minimise your impact on climate change.
  • You wouldn’t need as much artificial light as more daylight would penetrate. People would suffer less from Rickets and other diseases as they would get more vitamin D from the sun.
  • Buildings would be much easier and cheaper to construct.
  • There would be no problems with tv reception and you wouldn’t lose any wayward Frisbees.
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