Come up with silly ideas. They are a great starting point for new solutions. All you need to do is extract the concepts and themes and bring them back to a greater degree of reality.

Example: How to make your journey to work more enjoyable.

My silly idea is to commute by rollercoaster. Personally I’d love to commute across London by rollercoaster, but there may be some practical issues. But picking out the concepts of this idea can lead to new solutions. Here they are:

  • Concept=speed. Can i find a quicker way to get to work? Can i find work that is closer to home? Can i work from home?
  • Concept=fear. Maybe i could break that unwritten rule of talking to others on the tube? it may be scary but it could lead to interesting conversations and new friends.
  • Concept=excitement. Could i travel to work on rollerskates? Can the train company provide on board entertainment systems?
  • Concept=queuing anticipation. Could public transport services run a lottery to offer seat upgrades or free tickets for regular customers? Maybe there could be rewards system based on the distances you accumulate e.g. 1st class upgrades, a new bike, walking shoes?


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Simon Jack

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