Today your challenge is think like someone else. The way you see the world is coloured by your experiences and perceptions. But if you experience this world through someone else’s eyes you may get a whole new set of insights.

Example:  My challenge is ‘how to cope with stressful situations’.

I randomly picked a cartoon character, a historical figure and a famous person. The following are the insights gained when tackling my challenge through their eyes:

Super Mario. He experiences lots of stress (constantly dodging rockets, angry toads and so on) but copes because he is on a heartfelt mission to rescue Daisy. Is your task actually worth the emotional effort- is there a clear end point and reward? If not, can you put a reward in place as something to look forward to? This could be as simple as a trip to the pub after a job interview or a skiing holiday upon completion of the huge project you’re working on.

Mario also eats a lot of mushrooms and stomps on a lot of bugs. If indulging in hallucinogenics and wanton animal cruelty does it for you then fine, but perhaps you can simply go for a walk in the woods instead and enjoy the wildlife.

Henry VIII. Henry’s source of stress was his wives. He cunningly invented his own religion then went on a beheading spree to achieve his piece of mind. Is there someone or something that is causing you stress? Short of beheading them, can distance yourself from them? Can you invent your own ‘religion’- a set of ground rules that will resolve conflict and make working together a more cooperative experience?

I imagine Henry also did a fair bit of comfort eating- worth a go but watch out for gout!

John Travolta. Stick the Beegees on and go all out singing and disco dancing. You’re bound to feel better immediately. Maybe have a little boogie at your desk and get others to join in. Everyone’s stress will melt away and the environment will be much happier.

Also, John often plays roles where he is either a dancer or mobster. Are you on the attack when you could quite happily dance around the issue instead? If you consciously choose your attitude you may find you were getting worked up by something that was really no big deal.

Try it yourself. Think of something that’s challenging you at the moment and then see it through someone else’s eyes. Just be bold, have fun and see if any of your new insights might lead to a workable solution.

Join me!

Simon Jack

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