Dreams provide the opportunity for your subconscious to hog the stage and unleash its inner thoughts. It’s like leaving a naughty child alone for a while. They are bound to seize the chance for a bit of mischief.

Dreams often result when your subconscious is trying to make sense of your experiences during the day. If you’re working hard on a problem, you may find this thought process is continued in your dreams. Therefore, dreams often provide insights into solutions to your problems. Of course dreams are just an interpretation but they can act as a clue to a real world response.

I recently had a dream where an old colleague and I went for swimming lessons together. After we were both dropped off at the pool by my mum (!), I found my ex-colleague standing on the poolside in a red and white striped Victorian bathing costume.

And here’s my interpretation: I swim often so this is a familiar context for me. Swimming is also something I do well. The ex-colleague is a good salesman. To me this suggests I could use his advice with some sales tips that work to my strengths and allow me to deliver in a setting where I can feel comfortable and confident. My mum dropping me off signifies leaving the shelter of a big company and now needing to make my own way in growing a business.

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