As we grow older and gain more of life’s responsibilities, we often lose parts of ourselves that allowed us to imagine, express and dream. We often dumb down our creativity as we fall deeper and deeper into the world of work and ‘serious’ adulthood.

One way to recapture some of that lost creative energy is to rediscover an old activity or ambition. Whether it’s drawing, playing the guitar, writing poetry and so on. Allow yourself freedom to just get on and explore your ability. You don’t have to be any good at it, as long as you put in a bit of effort and enjoy the experience.

Regular diversions such as this will stimulate your brain in different ways and help reignite a passion for creativity in your everyday life.

Join me!

Simon Jack

Creative Re-Director at Creative Encounters
Jack of all trades... master of a few too!

Creative communicator and consultant who likes to do things differently and empower others to come up with winning ideas and create a major stir.
Join me!

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