Yes it’s a classic. If you find a way of doing something that works, why bother going to the effort to change it? However, ways soon become outdated and there’s a slim chance of discovering new & better ways if you stay in your state of adequate bliss.

Here are a couple of examples of things that ain’t broke in our culture:

  1. In late 1800s, Otto von Bismark the German ‘Iron Chancellor’, introduced the pension. Citizens paid into a fund until they were 65, at which point they could claim their money back. However, Otto was a crafty one seeing as few people actually lived to over 65 in those days! Today there’s a great deal of hoo ha in many government’s as they try and claw back some of their deficits by raising the pensionable age and compensate for  the impact of medicines and lifestyle changes
  2. Do you use a DVORAK keyboard? What’s one of them?! Once upon a time, instead of spelling QWERTY, the first row of keyboard letters would have instead spelled DVORAK. This is supposedly a more efficient typing configuration. So what happened? In the early days of typewriters, jamming was a problem because they couldn’t cope with keys being repeatedly being struck at speed. The clever solution was to slow the typists down by moving some of the more common letters to areas that are struck with the less dominant fingers. However, once the technology improved, jamming no longer became an issue and yet we still use the QWERTY configuration today.

Is it time to revisit some of the methods that you take for granted?

Join me!

Simon Jack

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