You wouldn’t skip a body warm up before a sports match, so why skip a mind warm up before thinking? A creative thinking warm up will loosen up your mind and get those synapses firing. It sounds simple but try it. It really will help improve the flexibility of your thought when working on your challenges.

Here’s an exercise to try for a warm up:
Find connections between a shark and a corkscrew.

Try and find at least 5 before looking at mine (and please do post yours in the comments beneath).

  • Both have implements designed to ‘bite’ and hold on tightly to their target.
  • Both evolved to be faster and more efficient
  • Their actions both result in emptying the ‘claret’ of their target.
  • Each has a business end and an end that controls the motion.
  • Both move in circular motions when homing in on their target.
  • Once they begin, a consumption frenzy often ensues.
  • They are both designed for very singular purposes- killing and opening wine- although please don’t get the two mixed up or your next dinner party could be a disaster.
  • Whichever one you twist you’re gonna get screwed!

This is actually one of my warm up exercise in our animal workshops. Check them out here…

You can use this method yourself to create your own warm up routine. Create one pile of items from one category and another pile from a different one e.g. household objects and animals. Pick one from each pile at random then make your connections. If you regulary do this before you work on your problems you may be surprised how flexible your mind becomes.

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