Today there’s some satirical funny business. With satire, the weapon is irony; pretend to accept reasoning in order to expose the absurdity. And to up the comic ante, you can really exaggerate the defunct aspects.

Here’s the blueprint:

  1.  Find an aspect of your challenge that you disagree with or think is obsolete. There may even be a handy negative stereotype to work with.
  2. Reframe that negative aspect so that it becomes the main focus of an absurd solution.
  3. Exaggerate and raise the humour stakes!
  4. Extract key concepts in order to rework this provocative springboard into a practical creative solution.

Let’s apply satire to our funny business challenge of ‘making training more memorable’.

Example 1: Training is ineffective at remedying stubborn behaviours.

So provide training skills in all the undesirable management skills that we all know so well e.g. blame, mistrust, jargon, ego, snideness. You can just imagine the agenda!

The truth here is sometimes people will continue their ingrained behaviours unless the need to change is pointed out. Therefore, training might not only teach necessary skills but the attitudes required in order to ensure they are successfully implemented.

Example 2: Training is an inconvenience.

You’ve organised training on the most fascinating subject that is guaranteed to change people’s lives. But no-one is there as you haven’t provided lunch! Maybe the answer is to get a consensus on when and where people would like training instead of only giving one option. This might open up the possibility of having broader and more inspiring training out of business hours if enough people want to commit.

Example 3: Training sends people to sleep!

But at your training event you’re sorted as you’ve provided free pillows and sleeping masks for each participant! Teaching practical skills is always going to have an element of mundane. The answer is to ensure you inject regular life into the session- a bit of levity every 6-10 minutes works wonders for maintaining invigoration levels.

Next in the Funny Business series it’s the turn of understatement…

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