comic business manCreativity and humour are very close relatives. In fact, if they lived next door to each other they’d probably be having boundary disputes!

Humour is often the key to delivering a jolt that knocks habitual thinking off course and onto a new journey of discovery. If you can learn how to harness humour and turn it into practical creativity, you will possess a powerful skill.

So over the coming weeks, there’s going to be some repeated Funny Business at Creative Encounters! We’ll explore how different humour techniques can be applied to a business situation in order to provide a provocative springboard that leads to creative ideas. We’ll be opening up very different perspectives by making the situation seem odd, by challenging common logic and by just being plain silly.

At the end of the Funny Business series, I will make a summary article available to download. This will also include extra advice on how lightening up a work culture can achieve great results not just for creativity but also productivity and overall business success.

So prepare yourself, tell your friends and let’s all get ready for some Funny Business!

Join me!

Simon Jack

Creative Re-Director at Creative Encounters
Jack of all trades... master of a few too!

Creative communicator and consultant who likes to do things differently and empower others to come up with winning ideas and create a major stir.
Join me!

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