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Today we’re changing the scales to make a regular situation seem funny and harnessing new insights for creative ideas on the Funny Business challenge of ‘making training more memorable’.

A classic example of changing the scales comes from the sitcom Red Dwarf in the episode ‘Backwards’. Rimmer is administering a Starbug driving test for Kryten and he begins with the theory…

Rimmer: You’re travelling at half the speed of light. What is the stopping distance?

Kryton: 4 years, 3 months.

Rimmer: And the thinking time?

Kryton: A fortnight.

Here the classic stopping distances question in car driving examinations has been blown way out of proportion for hilarious effect.

Let’s have a go…

How about a 1 week intensive course on importance of time management? This time might be better spent by providing easily digestible short skills sessions on a regular basis. This will ensure skills are constantly reaffirmed and improved.

Imagine hiring a conference centre complete with dazzling visual presentations on huge screens and celebrity guest speakers- but only for the purposes of training a tiny group. It would be completely over the top. But bringing it back to reality, people will forget if no effort is put in to providing them with an experience. So make people feel like superstars and worth the effort, no matter how many in attendance.

There’s more Funny Business just around the corner…

Join me!

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