How great would it be to think like a genius?

Hmm, but just ponder that for a second…


I already have enough to do without having to solve advanced maths problems, recite obscure historical facts and I have absolutely no intention of appearing on Mastermind any time soon. Not to mention my strong desire to avoid being branded as a mighty smart-arse and all of a sudden having to hang out with nerds.

I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not for me!

But what if you could tap into a part of you that makes you think more effectively and also have more fun? That’s your creative genius. That’s what makes you see beyond the obvious, wow people with your on the spot insights and surprise yourself with your brilliant ideas.

Yes please, I’ll have some of that!

Sounds tough? Nonsense! I reckon you can discover it quite easily… with no more than a positive attitude and a little bit of guidance.

So here are 10 principles behind discovering your creative genius:


1- Kick the Habit

Break routine to invigorate your creativity. Simply question why you’re doing something that same old way. It’s either that or staying stuck in a rut of alternative ignorance.

2- Kill Your Internal Censor

Your internal censor is keeping you on the straight and narrow. Great. The trouble is it can be health and safety for the brain gone mad! So subdue your censor, be a little risque and free your creative voice.

3- You’ve Been Reframed

Seek new meaning in your challenges. Quite simply, the more ways you find of expressing something, the more options you will have to start creating with.

4- Method in the Madness

Even the silliest ideas have great potential. Give yourself freedom to blurt out even your most absurd ideas then rationalise them by extracting useful concepts.

5- I Did it My Way

If it ain’t broke, you can still fix it! Don’t just accept solutions because they are the only ones available. Design your own! Uncover your frustrations and reinvent ideas that truly meet your needs.

6- Preconception is Mental Contraception

If assumptions always stayed the same, where would change and progress come from?! Destroy rigid thinking structures by busting your assumptions and fertilise your mind ready to re-create from within.

7- One Plus One Gives One

Why do all the hard work to create from scratch when there are ready-formed ideas that you can splice together to create even greater value?! Look to combine ideas from different fields for unexpected and exciting new creations.

8- Use the Force

Sometimes breaking out of your existing frame of reference can be a beast. To avoid mulling over the same old thoughts, go abstract and use offbeat metaphors and random stimulation to spur new thought paths.

9- Fun and Mental is Fundamental

If it’s funny, it’s likely to be the start of something beautifully creative. Learn a few comedy techniques to create provocative arrangements then just see where this leads your thinking.

10- A Win-Whinge Situation

Idea evaluation is your chance to show your thinking superiority right? Wrong!! Critical thinking can kill creativity, so make sure the two are done separately. Also learn to let your subconscious be your guide- whilst you chill out, your subconscious is beavering away at a winning solution. How sweet is that deal?!


Ok, interesting, but not quite doing it for you in the genius stakes? Well come on, it’s not that easy. Fortunately I have put together a brilliant online course (ahem, shameless self promotion) to take you through these 10 steps and really get to grips with the various techniques.

Find out more and enroll here: Discover Your Creative Genius.

In fact, I’m so confident it’s going to make a superb creative thinker of you, I’ve even put a money back guarantee on it!

If you want to just dip your toes in, you can enroll in Creative Thinking Essentials absolutely free!

What’s more, I’ll be on hand if your creative genius is shy and needs a little initial hand-holding. Even if your creative genius is bold and wants to do a bit of showboating, I’ll be there waiting with the ego massage oil!


Join me!

Simon Jack

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Creative communicator and consultant who likes to do things differently and empower others to come up with winning ideas and create a major stir.
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