What’s the most productive and fun way to come up with the best ideas from a brainstorming session?


Ideas Poker of course!


Ideas Poker works on the basis that truly great ideas form when the best bits of individual ideas are combined. Essentially, you can harness the entire group’s intelligence rather than rely on solo efforts to come up with the goods.

Here’s how to play…

1. In a group, brainstorm ideas for a particular challenge, with each idea written down on a separate index card. You then collect all ideas in a pack and each player is dealt 2 cards. Then similar to the way you’d play Texas Hold Em, you play 3 rounds, each time with a card from the pack being dealt into the middle.

2. During each round, players have to try and find ways of connecting the ideas or elements of ideas to form a new idea. So as the 3 rounds progress, there become more options for new connections.

3. Once the 3 rounds are over, you can score the game based on the ‘hands’ people have managed to invent. Each player will describe which idea cards they have used to connect their new idea together.

The scoring system is based the following poker hands. This rewards the players’ ability to make multiple new connections.

Note: Make sure you capture all ideas. Even though you may not get a winning hand through the number of connections, you may still come up with some great ideas in the process.

If you play Ideas Poker, let me know how you get on for heaven’s sake! :)

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